Jumat, Desember 17, 2010

My 19th Birthday : Dec 10th 2010 @PH Margo City

Hey they prepare little birthday chocolate muffin when I and Tari go to the bathroom for a while. Just a little surprise :)

This is one of my favorite birthday greeting. They wrote their greeting on a paper which there is shinee's picture there. and they're in pinkblack color combination <3

You can see muti (center) and tari (right) wearing dress code: pink veil and black shirt. :') this is real surprise, I even don't notice it.

They said aul (left) is the betrayer, she use different dress code... danny (center) use pink veil and black shirt too. I see fathia at college wearing pink veil and black shirt too but she didn't come with us, because she wants to watch Harry Potter with her sister who just go home from America

This is me and aul waiting for muti, tari and danny... they are coming so lately.. we are waiting for one hour... finally we canceled our reserved chair at pizza hut margo city and choose to wait for them who are preparing for Gdays seminar for tomorrow.

and there are some games that we don't make documentation of it. it kinds of we have to say the truth. we spin the cellphone and if a person choosen by a pole of the phone, so the another pole side have rights to ask everything they want to them. so silly. and tari makes a high octave screaming at the time she is choosen. that makes us want to pretend that we dont know her, but that's impossible. LOL.
they gave me beautiful present too..
This cutie doll really took my heart away lol. pinkblack kid.

I'd like to wear this bracelet everyday.. this is cool... they really know my favorite thing, something black and gothic. and I have new bracelet while my old bracelet is broken :) kind of very very complementer present. better...
there are still 2 present more.. but i have to go to the bathroom now, and my phone is still used for downloading the video, so i'll continue later

woph i've just watching hello baby
now i'll continue post 
a cute pinkblack girl pin, and a big pink ring. I was ordered to use everything they gave me at that time. kinda horrible. but it's okay. the pin is very cute, but the ring is so witty, i can't use that. even i broke that because it's too hard to open the seal.. so to avoid from becoming more chaos, i choose to not use that ring lol.

that cute things are placed in this box. batik box. we love Indonesia, lol.

you can see i put their birthday greeting on the mirror so everytime i see i can remember that. that so sweet :D
then i found danny's fb status that she was dissaponted that we finally choose ph for my birthday little party. she wants to try ichiban sushi. but muti doesnt like sushi. we just order delight. for 4 and 2 person. that night is very memorable where we can sit and sharing story together, while enjoying food. but we missed a huge hug... maybe someday we will make a huge hug before go home :p

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