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50 facts about me

now i'm trying to knowing myself by writing about myself

50 facts about me.

1. born in los angeles december 10th 1991, but when i was 2 months years old, my parents come back to indonesia so i haven't feel how is life in los angeles

2. having formal education, from kindergarten until now-college- in depok.

3. before live in depok, my family live in jakarta. i can't remember all memories when in jakarta but i remember some scene. i remember when my mother vomit on the table while pregnant of my lil brother, i remember there are 2 bathroom and i am afraid of walking in to it while in the dark, i remember i have some friends that i usually play with but i forget what kind of game that i play, i remember i'm trying lipgloss of my friends and it tastes sweet so i thought it can be eaten.

4. when i was a child, i really feel not comfort to be surrounded by people who are noisy and stranger, i usually just stay near my mom while there is big family gathering event, and i really don't like stranger kiss my check, for me, beside mom dad and brother, another adult people is a stranger, even my aunt. i ever start to comfort playing with my cousins until one day i was offered to stay a night in my aunt house in jakarta while my family go home to depok. i home sick immediately just before go to sleep. i ask my aunt to go home at that time so they were accompanying me that night to go home, i really can't stay away from my mom, i feel so sad and alone, it happen when the happy feeling of playing with my cousins end.

5. age by age, i become closer to my cousins, especially ficky, she is 1 year older than me. we have same hobby, i like reading ina magz, she likes reading bobo magz. i don't know why i like ina magz more than bobo magz. it is a magz for elementary school while in year 95's up. when in family gathering event, i like to be close with her, but sometimes she get closer to riris, 10 years older than me, my cousin too. so i jealous and become sad because i have no friends when she getting too close with riries. then i slowly become close to didot, he is at same age as ficky, we usually talks about naruto and when idul fitri i ever playing playstation naruto battle versus with him but i lose many, i just win twice while we play 20 times. they are cousin from daddy's family, i actually not too close with cousin from mommy's family, i don't know why. but as time goes by, for me to chat with everyone is fine. to share story each other.

6. for me, anime is a drug. while elementary school, i usually watching anime day by day. usually it shows at 6.30 pm when i have to study reading Quran in mosque. after study near my house, i ran fastly to watch the anime but it has ended. so i'm so sad. while in sunday, i will wake up at 5.30 am to watch gundam then unstoppable sitting in front of the television until the animes end when it is about 1 or 2 pm all my favourite anime has ends. guess what although im anime freak i dont like tokyo mew mew, i hate girls acting cute and just weak in front of the enemy, i always want to be strong girls. beside watching it, i really getting crazy of memorizing the lyrics of the original soundtrack of its anime itself. although i just make it just as i hear the lyrics, don't think that whether my lyrics is true or not. because it is 2000 and i havent touch internet yet. elementary school. i and my close friends usually sang together the song of newest anime that we watch. when she get finish with her lyrics, i start sang another newest lyrics-by-me anime song. and she got angry "how can you memorize as fast as that?" for me, it is a competition.

7. when in 3rd class elementary school, my friends go to an english course named independent center. until 5fth class finally i enter that course and i always being top 5 rank after score for exam is out together with another people older than me, one age or more although there is same age. i don't know why i like english ery much and my pronounciation is more than good. we used to memorizing a paper full text, that is speech. and the exam is to speech in front of another student. i really enjoy speech and reading, my tongue like blahblahblah move by itself to create incredible pronounciation. i really impressed of myself. lol. you can call me whether arrogant or proud. its like my glory time to become the top.

8. my parents used to happy to know that i always get high rank in lesson in school. so i always try to be the number one no matter what under my subconscious i do study study and study. for me study is fun things, knowing that i can resolves question by myself and get rivals from my friends. i do have huge spirit of studying. its weird that i feel i do not do many effort to gain all high rank. then i got bored and ask God i should try to get something with some effort, not that easy to gain. then God answer it, when im in high school, my rank is down significantly. lol. i've made huge mistake pray. or maybe destiny. 

9. the best thing i have when in elementary school was i go to japan. to follow student exchange, in children communication on earth organization program. i enter traditional dance courses and prepare for speech in front of student over 5 countries: cambodia, singapore, hongkong, japan and indonesia. i really memorize it, the title is flood in jakarta. in it i said that i want to be government of live environment but actually i want to be a designer, it is like a scenario. after doing speech, i down stage to take some meal then two cute japan girls shout to me that my english is good. i can't say anything, just smile and keep go away to take the food, actually i want to chat with the girls but i don't know what to say. their smile is so cute. i really embarassed to said that my english is good by foreign.

10. when i was a child, elementary school, i tend to not like getting compliment from others, if someone said that i beautiful and smart i said that is not true. i don't know why but they are compliment at me so many times so i feel not comfort and feel that there is just a gap between me and them, because they say it like "yea, you are different from us, we are not in the same level" i just want to keep playing with them normally, but it was just my mind, i keep playing with them nicely. and really miss my elementary school moment.

11. active in organization while in elementary school, junior high school and senior high school. but when in college. im being ignored by all extracurricular that i tried to entered. i bet you will get boring to know what organization i follow. elementary school: every student is suggested to join scout then i join. since in third grade i join scout and in fifth grade go camping in cibubur with many story, especially horror. in junior high school i join student organization and become main treasurer. in second class junior high school i enter paskibra. and become addicted of it. i ever got trophy of becoming best commander. i really enjoy my screaming is all over the field when competition and when ceremony in school. i really proud of my self and my friends, we practice hard every day... sunny or rainy day.  

12. i have hypotension. i get tired easily and i have a smoke eyes without adding eyeliner or eyeshadow. lol. i really need many rest since go to college. i ever do some task until 4 am in the morning, then when i prepare to go to college at 6 am, i can't even move, i get dizzy suddenly and all sight is become green. my blood tension 90/60 at that time.

13. i hate smoke of pollution. i hate being behind of the bus, the pollution will slap my face and for the result my eyes is not feeling comfort because im using soft lens and i breathe not inputting oxygen but dust and smoke, it is one of the worst feeling of me. i go to college by motorcycle and using half face helmet. i dont have full face helmet. because it will looks too boyish and i cant breathe when i use full face helmet.

14. i like received gifts from anyone. even i think the gifts is silly but i realize that i really appreciate. but sometimes i cant take care of the gift from people because of my carelessness. in my 18th birthday i get a pink bear doll. first i think its so silly what does a 18th years old girl can do with a doll? then my heart melted and i put it on my bed and until now it never leave my bed.

15. hate cockroach, big spider and worm

16. like sushi, ice cream and chocolate

17. feeling guilty when i say something true that makes the situation going to be awkward, i don't think that awkward situation will happen, i just want people to put attention at me :p

18. shy to call people with loud yell, but when in karaoke, i can sing screaming song

19. have no idea why branded stuff have price until million rupiahs

20. sad because feels have no special ability since being a college student, have no special achievement

21. addicted to game flash on facebook and another quizzes application on facebook

22. a fans of shinee and especially taemin, i have been being friend with lee taemin on facebook but he never answer my wall lol

23. the happy thing is when my 18th birthday, taylor lautner give me happy birthday greeting via mention in twitter. at least i believe that that is his real twitter account

24. can get mad easily if my lil brother mess with me

25. will not share delicious with my little brother except he is not asking. because if he ask then i give, i'll lost all my food. he said that i have been being fat, so i better not eat delicious food. i don't care.

26. will always eat until clean, has no food on the plate.

27. the beast moment is when i meet cockroach big family in the toilet. feel suddenly frightened

28. when I was a child, my father ever told me that I am beautiful. I don't know what is the meaning. So what? lol

29. when I was a leader class in fifth class, I ever cried to make the class silent. I'm afraid if class keep noisy so teacher gonna angry with me

30. when I was a child I'm crying when I am being asked to study by mom, although I keep studying whie crying

31. when I was a child, my mom went to work in the dawn, I stand on the home's hedge and crying because I am left, she went home when I have slept

32. have scar on the knee, because falling when I was a child

33. have a scar near foot's palm, because falling from motorcycle

34. interested in drawing manga since elementary school. and stopped when started entering college

35. (cont)

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