Minggu, Desember 05, 2010

chocolate day for me on december 1st 2010

before I go to college, I stole this from the table in my living room, then my brother ask me to give him some

this tiny toblerone contains 3 type of chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate

I count how many tiny toblerone in it? there are 50, my family is 5 people, so I took 10.

this is the shape of tiny toblerone white chocolate. practically, I have breakfast with ten tiny toblerone and a glass of milk

at campus, my buddy, fathia hashilah, brought a sack of chocolate from America, her sister was just gone home from working in America. this is such as a guilty pleasure

fathia just bring the chocolate for 6 of us, me(below-center), fathia(below-left), muti (right), aulia(left), danny (below-right), and tari (no pic, because finally she was not come with us because she had a meeting of geography days)

we enjoy these chocolate in faculty near our faculty, fkm, lol, we don't have some cool place in our faculty to enjoy this chocolate, but in here is very comfy

this one is muti's favourite chocolate, biscuit covered with delicious milk chocolate

another delicious guilty pleasure. that's all. so today I thank God because I have eaten chocolate for my breakfast and lunch. then my weight is up to 2 kilos after that =_=

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